Monday, November 1, 2010

Starting Christmas before Halloween :)

In our home Holiday's begin in the beginning of October. Yesterday was Halloween and we were putting up our Christmas lights! Our Christmas houses have already been up for 2 or so weeks too! I love Christmas time, and starting early makes it so nice to begin the holidays! This Christmas is going to be different than others because Brooke and her family, and Trev and his family won't be here, but it will still be so much fun!
(miss you guys.) AND there (most likely) won't be any snow:( Well, I'll start writing more posts on here soon!
love, Sierra

Friday, June 18, 2010


So far summer has been a relaxing vacation at home. Family visiting, shopping, swimming... I have caught myself getting stressed out about homework...then i realize... IT'S SUMMER! I love the feeling of no stress. Being able to lay outside and have no responsibility for the day. Next week I go to EFY with Juliette and I am so excited!!! Then I go to Idaho for a week with Brooke and her family. Caci has her baby in July, then we have the Wheeler Reunion! After that, girls camp at Zion for a week, then I go to Texas to visit Grandmother and Grandpa Call. Summer 2010 is going to be amazing! ...and the most exciting thing is... IT'S JUST BEGINING!

the tans will fade, but memories will last forever...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seventeen more days...

seventeen more days of sitting in a hard desk.

seventeen more days of 6 hour lectures.

seventeen more days til freedom
seventeen more days til no school
seventeen more days.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I aM rEaDy FoR...

SuN tAnNiNg
rElAxInG FaMiLy

eFy GiRlS cAmP

rEuNiOn ViSiTiNg

yOuTh CoNfErEnCe


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Once upon a time...

The General Young Women’s Broadcast was a very spiritual meeting that I am glad I attended. And I am so thankful that I got to strengthen my testimony.

Although there were many good speakers and topics, one that touched me a lot, was said by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He spoke about how “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever afters” are not only in fairy tales. Right now is our “Once upon a time” where we have to experience trials, adventures, happiness, and love with one another. If we keep the commandments, follow the prophet, and follow Our Saviors plan, then we can also experience our “Happily ever after.” He told us that being princess’s and princes is not only in fairy tales. We are Heavenly Father’s children, which make us His royal children. Also, another thing that stuck out to me was what Sister Elaine S. Dalton said. She made known unto us, that every single person has a “deep beauty.” It is the kind of beauty that you don’t have to wash off or paint on every day. Inner beauty shines brightly on the outside.

I am so thankful that I attended this broadcast with my mom and sister. And I know that we are all children of Our Father in Heaven, who knows each of us individually.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet 16!

I'm 16! Finally! So I woke up at about 4:30ish and had waffles with strawberries and whip cream for breakfast with a berry smoothie. After that, we all came to the table and I opened my presents...(a new razor, lip gloss, earrings, and a ring.) When I was finished opening those presents, my mom said..."Oh wait! There is another present for Sierra in my closet!" They told me it was a cool toy that I would love to play with. (At this point, I was thinking it might be what I thought it was...well I was hoping.) So I opened it up...and It was a CAMERA! A reallllly nice Canon! I was SO excited! I have been wanting one for a while now! So I went to school and had Temakisushi for lunch (that I had the previous night) and then came home. We picked up Az from school and came home to relax. About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. Bry screamed for me to get the door. So I ran out and opened the door...and Carli and her brother Stephen were just standing there. So they came in and Bry said, "Go ahead Carli...Tell her!" It was quiet. So finally Bry said, "Instead of a surprise party, you are going on your first date! We got in the car and were planning on going to the Fiesta Buffet...but it was closed. So we went to Sweet Tomatoes. The date was fun while it lasted....walking and riding in the car...:) Stephen had to go to his volleyball practice, so he got his food and said goodbye. (We are going on a double date this friday.) After dinner, Bry, Carli, and I went to Goodwill (next to Sweet Tomatoes) to wait for mom. (Bry invited Carli to come over to help us with our math homework and to celebrate.) When we got home, I opened the door and SURPRISE! Bry had set up a surprise party for me! It was so sweet. We played games and ate, then later went to the park to play the "spinning with a flashlight seizure" game. It was SO fun! Then Dad got home and we had Bry's DELICIOUS Tres Leche Cake!!! I had an AMAZING sweet sixteen! Thanks mom, bry, az and everyone who called and helped! (It was a special treat to have the video from Jace, a call from Trev, and being able to talk to Brooke and all of our relatives.) I love you guys!

Sunday, February 21, 2010









Monday, February 8, 2010

No More Spoiling!

Well, now Bry and Az are home! It feels so much more like reality when there is more than one kid in the house. I don't know how Az is going to deal with me and Bryan leaving in 2 years! I got to experience (for the first time) being an "only child" for about 10 days. It was SO fun being able to go shopping with Mom and watching T.V. and relaxing with my parents. I love having my parents ALL TO MYSELF! But, I would rather share the spoiling and love with my siblings. I do not know how people deal with being an only child there WHOLE lives! It would get so lonely not playing and joking with my brothers and sisters! It is having the same best friends for forever. They are always there for me whenever I need them. I am SO thankful for my family, and to have Az and Bry back! AND I really miss the rest of You! (trevor, caci, jace, brooke, steve, and gage)... haha:)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life Fly's by Way to Fast...

It's 2010! I know I am a little late but I will start blogging a lot more now. This year is going to be a huge amazing year! I get my licence! (I got my permit December 30, 2009), I turn 16, and Mom is going to famous throughout the whole world. What more can I ask for???Although I have had some traumatic incidents in cars, I love to drive now! Usually I have to trade off days driving to pick up Andrea for seminary in the morning with Bry, but since him and Az have been in Idaho for so long I have driven so much this week! Besides the very RAINY weather! In Henderson? It's crazy how much its rained and how much I love it! Moving to a very dry place after living in Sitka makes me realize how much I love the rain and wetness as it rarely comes around. The rain actually has made me feel very nostalgic of the "old times." Life was so simple when all me and Bry did was dress up as explorers and have adventures in the Fairy Patch and Pirate Rock. I miss Sitka and our little pink house and yard we grew up in. It was full of life long memories I will never forget. Well, even though life is flying by,
it has been great and I am loving every part of it.
I would'nt change it for the world.