Tuesday, August 4, 2009

EFY was the most amazing week! Me and Bryan went to the one at UNLV. Throughout the week we saw each other, but since he was in the 16-17 year old group, and I was in the 14-15 year old group (and he's a boy) we wern't always together. EFY was a very uplifting week but at the same time was one of the funnest weeks of the summer! We played games, had FHE, devotionals, dances, testimony meeting, and free time. It was so fun and I am sooooo excited to go next year. I made it into the variety show, playing the piano and singing A Thousand Miles. It was so fun and a great experience! I also met some REALLY good friends that I will for sure keep in touch with. :) I am SO glad that I was able to go this year and strengthen my testimony while being there. I had great leaders and was around great people. If only I could live at EFY and have my family there too:) I could keep on writing on and on about EFY. It was so fun and uplifting. While I was there, we said our prayers at all of our meals...(silently)...said our prayers in the morning and night, read our scriptures for about 30 minutes in the mornings, and had the spirit with us. I am SO thankful that I was able to go to EFY with Bryan and be around great spiritual people with my same standards for a week. :) <3 :)